Challenger Sports Turf

Baseball and Softball Turf Fields

Challenger Sports Solutions provide superior quality artificial turf for baseball and softball applications. We manufacture turf for baseball and softball fields and batting cage mats for high schools, colleges and commercial use. We produce the highest quality baseball and softball turf because we use only the highest-grade synthetic turf in our products. Whether you’re in need of a new field for your high school stadium or a full collegiate assistance for all of your fields and cages, our turf is the perfect choice.

From little league fields to college stadiums, Challenger Sports Turf manufactures turf systems for all levels of baseball and softball fields. We will work with you to identify the features desired and evaluate options related to the fields appearance, heat reduction characteristics, light reflection, ball roll/bounce and more.

In most cases, we help specify turf systems designed specifically for baseball and softball fields, but we may suggest modifications for multipurpose fields that will host other sports and activities.

Infield Turf

Most baseball and softball turf fields utilize infilled turf systems that feature a combination of monofilament and slit film fibers that provide a blend of performance, functionality and durability. Each system can be designed with different pile heights and infill ratios to meet yoru specific requirements.

Most infields include thatch zones that hold up well to spikes and cleats and reduce infill migration by trapping the sand and rubber infill.

Infields typically also feature shorter pile heights that provide great ball roll.

Outfield Turf

It is not uncommon to specify different turf for the outfield and infield especially when budgets are limited. To reduce costs, we can often create a slit film turf system that is highly durable yet less costly than many of the higher performance turf systems used for infields.

Custom Logos

Challenger employs the latest waterjet cutting techniques to create custom on deck circles, home plate halos and more.