Challenger Sports Turf

DuraFlo Backing

The DuraFlo all polyolefin backing system is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products. It has truly proven to be a game changer and established itself as a proven alternative to traditional urethane backing in the last 10 years.

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The typical synthetic turf field lasts about 8-12 years and consists of approximately 90,000 square feet of turf that goes into a landfill if it can’t be recycled.


Challenger began using DuraFlo as a secondary coating over 10 years ago as we sought to develop a more environmentally responsible backing material to urethane. Over the years we further developed the DuraFlo system and created the most environmentally friendly backing in the turf industry, with no loss of performance to the turf system.


  • Independent lab tests show that DuraFlo E.E.B.S. achieves as good or better tuft bind properties as compared to the urethane results.
  • Independent lab tests show that Duraflo is more dimensionally stable as compared to urethane.
  • Turf shrinkage, an issue any experienced turf installer has dealt with, is reduced with the Duraflo backing.
  • DuraFlo is produced at lower temperatures and not under tension, unlike other backing systems. This reduces the risk of streaking due to differential yarn bulk or texture.

Environmental Responsibility

Products made with DuraFlo E.E.B.S. are 100% polyolefin, allowing the entire turf product to be recycled. Challenger Industries saves and recycles 100% of our manufacturing waste collected during the production of these 100% polyolefin products. This waste is sold back to recyclers and used in the creation of new consumer products, thus saving our landfills of tens of thousands of pounds of waste per year.

Environmental Sustainability Details

  • Our turf can be recycled
  • DuraFlo products qualify for LEED credits
  • DuraFlo products are the only 100% Green by Weight product on the market today! Please contact us for more details.

Better Drainage

Drainage is also a hot topic with turf systems. Lab tests clearly show that the DuraFlo backing system drains at rates unseen by urethane systems. Most products produced with this backing drain at rates ranging from 125 – 450+ inches per hour. Obviously, water drainage is not an issue with this backing system, and no potential damaging perforations are needed to achieve these drainage rates. 

Conforms to Landscape Better

While urethane may add to the “total weight” of a product, this does not equate to better performance or yield a more “heavy duty” product. The lighter weight DuraFlo backing helps the turf product conform to the landscape and can relax much faster than a urethane backed product.  The unloading and handling of the rolls on the jobsite can often cause wrinkles and creases in the turf and this can be very difficult to deal with. Often a urethane backed product may not relax to remove the unwanted crease. DuraFlo's pliability and chemistry conforms in a way that allows the turf to easily relax, making it much easier to remove these unwanted issues.

Proven Performance

There have been several attempts to copy the DuraFlo E.E.B.S. backing system but no other products on the market show the quality results as compared to DuraFlo backed products made by Challenger. Be sure to ask for test results of any backing system you are using and always ensure you ask for DuraFlo by name! All Challenger products are stamped with the DuraFlo E.E.B.S. name on the backing to ensure that our product can be identified in the field.

Installation Cost Savings

Installers use MUCH less adhesive when seaming DuraFlo backed products. Large stitch rows on urethane backed landscape products and the peaks and valleys caused by them require an installer to use more adhesive during the seaming process to ensure proper coverage. The DuraFlo backing process eliminates these peaks and valleys and can lead to an easier, more cost effective install.

Lighter Weight

Without sacrificing tuft bind strength, the DuraFlo system is approximately 10 oz. per square yard lighter than a comparable urethane backed product. This makes it easier for the installers to handle and helps reduce freight costs. Once unrolled from the shipping truck at the job site, the flexible DuraFlo system instantly reduces the risk of unwanted wrinkling.