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Field Hockey Turf Solutions

Historically, most synthetic turf fields dedicated to field hockey utilized nylon fibers for their excellent durability and softness along with a short pile height to provide excellent ball roll. However, advances in the technology related to textured polyethylene have made it an ideal choice. It is comparable in performance to woven nylon, but typically a much better value.

Common Characteristics Required for Field Hockey Turf


Field hockey is a game of speed so having a surface that allows for quick cuts and the ability to start and stop abruptly is required. By utilizing an extremely dense face weight with monofilament fibers, we can produce turf with very low friction that maximizes ball speed without sacrificing grip or torque.


Field hockey fields take a lot of abuse. Not only from the constant cutting and quick movements, but wooden sticks are constantly brushing or digging into the surface. Given this, we typically specify heavyweight backing with multiple layers for its excellent dimensional stability.


Consistent ball roll is a critical element to the performance of field hockey turf and fortunately, the heavyweight backing that provides such great dimensional stability also ensures excellent flatness.

Shock Absorption

Field hockey turf is non-infilled turf that is typically glued down to an e-layer that helps provide padding.

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