Challenger Sports Turf

Football Turf Solutions

When specifying the turf for a football field, one should consider numerous variables including the type of fibers, pile height, face weight, and backing material. 


For football, we recommend monofilament with a slit film because it gives the durability and a better look than a straight slit film. 

Pile Height

For fields designed specifically for football, we typically recommend longer pile heights to accommodate the infill required to achieve the desired shock attenuation levels. Obviously, some trade-offs must be made when the football field will also be used for other sports like soccer and lacrosse, but we can work with you to review your options and select the best height for your field.

Face Weight

This is the weight of the yarn above the backing which is measured in ounces per square yard. 


We offer heavyweight backing in multiple weights and in 2 or 3 layers. Secondary backing include standard polyurethane or our proprietary Duraflow Environmentally Engineered Backing System (EEBS).

Custom Lines, Letters & Logos

Challenger employs the latest waterjet cutting techniques to create custom numbers, hash marks, end zone letters and multi-colored logos.