Challenger Sports Turf

Infill Turf Systems

Tall pile, in-filled turf systems which look and feel like natural grass are the standard for most football and soccer fields these days. Over the years, improvements in technology have allowed the industry to develop turf systems that minimize the problems of the past: turf burn, foot lock and turf toe. These improvements have led to the rapid growth in the popularity of synthetic turf fields, but we at Challenger Sports continue to looks for ways to enhance the functionality, longevity, performance and recyclability of our turf products.

What sets Challenger Sports apart from all of the competitors are our selection, backing, design capabilities, experience, service and value.



Not only is Challenger one of the oldest and largest synthetic turf manufacturers in the United States, but we continuously invest in new equipment. Not only has this made us more efficient, but with so many machines, we can efficiently run almost any stitch gauge desired.

Recyclable Backing

While the backing may not be the most exciting element of a synthetic turf system, any school who is replacing an old turf field knows how important it is. The ability to recycle 80,000 to 100,000 square feet of turf becomes very important.

Challenger’s (patented or proprietary) DuraFlo is an all polyolefin backing system that is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products.

Design Capabilities

At Challenger Sports, we work with our installers and the schools and facility operators they service to develop turf systems for their specific needs.

  • We help evaluate the different sports and activities that the field will need to accommodate.
  • We look at how often the field is expected to be used.
  • We review budget considerations.
  • We discuss maintenance needs and capabilities.
  • We assess environmental concerns and future recyclability.
  • We offer ideas for different looks, game lines and custom logos.


Founded in 1983 and located in Dalton, Georgia, the carpeting capital of the world, Challenger Sports has supplied synthetic turf systems for hundreds of fields throughout North America.


Unlike many other synthetic turf field manufacturers that focus most of their energy on selling fields to schools and organizations, we at Challenger Sports focus on taking care of our customers: Field Installation Companies. By maintaining our focus on making the best products and supporting our network of regional and specialty installers, we are able to provide service that is unmatched.


Not only does our large selection of equipment typically mean that we can run your turf product in the most economical manner, but we are also continually investing to ensure that our machines are efficient as possible. By focusing on manufacturing and limiting our sales and marketing expenses by working with our regional distributors, we are further able to keep our overhead low and provide exceptional value to our customers and theirs.