Challenger Sports Turf

Sythetic Turf for Lacrosse Fields

Not only is lacrosse one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, it is also one of the most exhilarating sports. Fast paced and full of action, it is characterized by quick cuts, abrupt starts and stops, and precision passes. Given this, the synthetic turf used on lacrosse fields typically features a shorter pile that provides a nice balance of traction, stability and foot release with consistent ball roll and ball bounce.

Of course, as with most contact sports, shock absorption is also a concern when designing a turf field for lacrosse. So, we can work with you to specify padding and/or infill options depending on the type to turf system you are considering. This is especially important given the constant advances in infill options and our ability to create turf systems that prevent infill “fly-out.”

Multi-Purpose Fields

Due to the dimensional similarity of the fields and shared characteristics of the sports, lacrosse fields are often designed to accommodate field hockey as well. In these cases, turf systems featuring short pile heights and non-infilled systems typically work very well for both sports. If the lacrosse field will also need to accommodate soccer and football, then we typically work with our customers to specify infilled systems that will account for all sports being played on the field.