Challenger Sports Turf

Synthetic Turf Products

As the largest, independent manufacturer of synthetic turf systems in the United States, Challenger Sports Turf has the equipment, expertise and experience required to accommodate quick turnaround times and customization requests that other manufacturers cannot meet.  We manufacture both infill and non-infill systems with polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon fibers and have multiple machines in each gauge to ensure that your system can be made quickly and cost effectively.

We offer our DURAPlay Sports ready-to-use systems that are available for all your sports needs. These no-hassle systems provide an easy solution to basic projects.

Infill Turf Systems

For infill turf systems, Challenger Sports Turf uses its ability to manufacture both high performance, highly engineered monofilament and slit film systems to create unique blends that enhance the performance, safety, durability and appearance.

Non Infill Turf Systems

At Challenger, we manufacture non-infill turf systems for applications ranging from tennis courts and golf tee lines to batting cages and bocce.  When it comes to sports fields, however, our two most popular turf systems are our DPPE texturized, low pile turf and our DPXP turf that combines the split film and textured blades for an appearance closer to natural grass.

Turf Mats

Challenger Sports Turf manufactures a complete line of modular turf mats used in golf tee lines and baseball applications like hitting mats, on deck circles and custom printed halos.