Challenger Sports Turf

Standard Backing

Synthetic turf backing refers to the stabilizing fabrics used to secure the fiber tufts and provide dimensional stability to the turf system. The backing consists of primary and secondary backing materials.

Primary Backing

Primary backing materials typically feature a woven or non-woven fabric in one or more layers made from high strength polyester or polypropylene. The synthetic turf fibers are tufted into this backing in rows. 

The primary backing allows the artificial turf fibers to be tufted into material in rows and facilitates seaming between artificial turf panels. 

Challenger utilizes a variety of primary backing materials in multiple weights, available in 2 and 3 layers, to provide the dimensional stability required for the fiber and application.

Secondary Backing

Secondary backings are used to permanently bind the tuft and to add more stability to the turf system. This backing is often referred to as the “urethane coating” as this is the most popular coating used. Most manufacturers will coat the entire back of the surface and then perforate it for drainage purposes. 

At Challenger Sports Turf, we utilize both standard urethane backing and our proprietary DuraFlo backing.

DuraFlo Backing

The DuraFlo all polyolefin backing system is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products. Urethane backed products require holes to be added to allow drainage, while our DuraFlow backing does not. Thus allowing more drainage. It has truly proven to be a game changer and established itself as a proven alternative to traditional urethane backing in the last 10 years. Learn more.